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All New Ministry Center

10 Reasons
Why the "All-New" Ministry Center Will Be Built

1. It will be a place for Service and Outreach. A Ministry Center provides space for volunteer projects, community service, and a welcoming presence in our community that says, “We are here for you. How can our family be of help to you?”

2. It will enable a greater imagination for expansion of ministry opportunities, while at the same time give our current ministries and groups more adequate space to meet.

3. It will be a beautiful, incredible place for God’s people of all ages to learn and grow together.

4. It will have the capability for unique worship experiences. There will be room for music, choir, and many other aids to our worship life.

5. There will be a covered “drop-off” entrance, more parking, and a stairs-free entrance to the sanctuary.

6. There will be a nursery and a youth room, showing our prioritization of young families and youth ministry.

7. It significantly reduces the necessity of crossing M-84 on Sunday mornings.

8. It will fulfill all key ministry needs as identified and defined by dozens of St. Paul members at large, as well as those serving on boards and committees.  

9. The Ministry Center design celebrates the history and beauty of our existing architecture while integrating a welcoming layout and multi-purpose functionality.

10. The design is made in such a way as to encourage future growth and addition, including a new school building.

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"Join the Journey"
Creative Giving Ideas

The amount of money we raise is important to our capital campaign. However, the most significant piece is your participation. We each play a part in supporting this effort in our own way, and full participation is our ultimate goal. Please consider what St. Paul means to you and how you can support our Ministry Center Campaign.
The target date for breaking ground on the Ministry Center is tentatively All Saints’ Day (November 1, 2019).  Together, we can continue this important ministry project by the following methods:


If you made a pledge, start fulfilling it now. You can even “set it and forget it” with automatic electronic giving ( If you have not yet made a pledge, it is never too late. Talk to Pastor for more information.


Mark “Ministry Center” on your offering envelope on Sunday morning. (Remember, our devotion to this project should be above our regular tithes.)

Gifts of Securities

Giving appreciated stocks or bonds can be very advantageous to both you and to St. Paul. Your tax advisor can advise you about the ways to do this.

IRA Transfers

Your tax advisor/financial advisor can help you determine whether you are eligible to make such a distribution.

Gifts of Life Insurance or Annuities

An existing insurance policy that has accumulated cash value can provide a source of funds to meet or increase a pledge to the St. Paul capital campaign. An outright gift of the policy naming St. Paul as the beneficiary can be a wonderful gift.